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2021 Yamaha Drive2-R Golf Cart

2021 Yamaha Drive2-R Golf Cart $14,306.00

Standard Options Included: 2 USB Ports Self Cancelling Turn Signals Fuel Gauge Seat Lift Support Custom Pinstripe (Except White Car) Gorilla Floor Matt Tinted/Split Windshield Street Legal Equipment Padded Steering Wheel Rear View Mirrors Vinyl Upholstery Sweater Basket Battery Charger (Electric Car) Battery Watering System (Electric Car) Battery Tender (Electric Car Lead Acid) Included Upgrades: 25 mph (turn signals/seatbelts Included) Tote Carrier Rear Windguard Factory Black Top w/handles Custom Paint Custom Upholstered Seat 4 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY 4 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY...

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  • Youngtown, AZ
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