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The History of Golf Carts

Do you ever just sit and wonder sometimes about how something came to be? Like, how did our modern day items become as advanced as they are, where did it originate and why? What prompted the change for the item to progress over time? I often find myself wondering this while using certain items. In the last blog about golf cart vs. golf car I...

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Golf Car or Golf Cart?

What do you call it? Golf car vs. Golf cart Something we get asked often, as our company name is "Desert Golf Cars" is "What is the difference between a golf car and a golf cart?" So I'll try to set the record straight on the golf car vs. golf cart debate. You may think to yourself it is like saying soda or pop, you essentially mean the same...

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Why Yamaha Golf Carts?

Have you been considering buying a golf cart? Are you an avid golfer or a golf professional? Do you run a golf course and are in search of a line of golf carts to suit your guests needs? Do you live in a retirement community and just looking for a way to zip around town easily? Are you a  family who loves the outdoors, camping, hunting,...

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