New Golf Cars

Personal Custom Golf Cars in Arizona

Desert Golf Cars is proud to offer the high-quality line of Yamaha personal golf cars. We offer three different models to meet your specific needs. All models of Yamaha golf cars are able to be customized to reflect your personality.  No matter if it is for a quick round of golf or running errands around the neighborhood, Desert Golf Cars is here to help you select the golf car to meet your needs!

Available Models of Yamaha Personal Golf Cars

Yamaha Drive 2020

This model comes with a wide variety of lifestyle options for use on the golf course or around the neighborhood. You can choose either a gas or electric model with options to make it street legal. The gas model comes with a 357cc Yamaha four-cycle engine and the electric model is equipped with a 48-volt system with Genius 2. Both models have rack and pinion steering and a Tru-trak fully independent suspension. The Yamaha drive comes with a 4-year limited warranty. Ask your Desert Golf Cars representative for more details.

Yamaha Drive-R 2020

The Yamaha Drive-R offers a great number of lifestyle options to ensure your comfort on and off of the golf course. This model can be powered by a Yamaha four-cycle engine or with electric batteries. The Yamaha Drive-R is equipped with head, tail and brake lights, as well as a horn and seat belts, making this a perfect street legal golf car for driving around the neighborhood. It also features a split fold down windshield and deluxe upholstery. Talk to your Desert Golf Cars representative about the 4-year limited warranty program.

Yamaha Sun Classic 2020

The Yamaha Sun Classic is a top of the line personal golf car. It has a very sleek design that includes a front trunk for storing golf items or groceries from the store. Lifestyle options such as, custom paint jobs and full enclosures will make you the envy of your neighborhood! This model is fully street legal and comes with a 4-year limited warranty. Your Desert Golf Cars representative can supply you with all of the details.