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Why Yamaha Golf Carts?

by | Feb 20, 2020

Have you been considering buying a golf cart? Are you an avid golfer or a golf professional? Do you run a golf course and are in search of a line of golf carts to suit your guests needs? Do you live in a retirement community and just looking for a way to zip around town easily? Are you a  family who loves the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing etc.? Do you live on a farm or have land to maintain? 

Golf carts have evolved tremendously over the years and are so much more than just for getting around a golf course! Once you establish what you will be using your golf cart for, the next decision that you have to make is which manufacturer is going to suit your needs the best? 

There are several good options available on the market today, but just one stands out the most to me for several reasons, so let’s dive in and talk about all things style, performance and of course price point. 

First let me say that Yamaha has been a global name for years offering the most innovative engineering, technology and design so it’s no surprise that their golf carts would be exceptional as well. If you don’t want to just take my word for it, maybe you’ll take the word of  The Golf Digest who has been dishing out The Editors Choice Awards for 4 years now and for 3 consecutive years Yamaha Golf Carts has been the #1 pick in “The Best Gas Powered Golf Cart” category setting an industry standard! 

Let’s Talk Exterior Design & Style

Golf cart styles sure have changed tremendously over the years with a square box like body style, minimal color options to choose from and and very basic dashboard and very little storage space. As golf cart designs have evolved, the Yamaha golf carts have been catching the consumer’s eye year after year with its beautiful design and functionality. 

Let’s start with the exterior design! The 2020 Yamaha golf cart Drive 2 body style has a  smooth, sleek, sophisticated style to it with an endless array of body and seat color and fabric options  to choose from. I have seen these golf carts decked out anywhere from team logos and colors, to bumble bees, ladybugs and camouflage print to looking like you could be in a tuxedo riding on the red carpet at some lavish event or wedding. The options are absolutely limitless! 

They come with newly designed automotive, teardrop style LED headlights that shine so bright and use a fraction of the energy, larger LED turn signals, a stylish LED front logo, a motorsport polycarbonate windshield for even better durability and UV protection! The top gives superb protection from mother nature’s elements. It has a 360 dual gutter system with rain drain and clog-proof downspouts, the climaguard top is 33% larger making it the widest and longest coverage area in the industry.. There is also the optional rear-facing flip seat for additional

passengers or cargo and come in two different colors and lastly it contains an access panel that is a whopping 382% larger for ease of maintenance! Aside from the traditional golf car they also have a Utility vehicle now that will blow your mind, but that one deserves its very own spotlight, so I’ll save that for another day. 

Let’s Talk Interior Design & Style

The Yamaha Drive-2 golf car beats all industry competitors with occupancy space with the largest area of entry as well as the most leg room in the industry! The seats are still the widest and most contoured to provide you with the most comfortable ride ever! With a newly designed easy to grip steering wheel for maximum comfort and an auto-like dash design with a surplus of space for accessories, anti skid under dash storage space and is equipped with multiple USB ports to keep you and your guests charged on the go, so whether you are getting in a round of golf with friends, camping or hunting you are able to stay charged and in touch! 

Let’s Talk Performance

First you’ll have to ask yourself if you want to recharge or refill and make the decision between the gas or electric model. Let’s start with the gas model because this is where Yamaha golf cart designers really set a high standard within the industry! They are now equipped with independent front and rear suspension for the most comfortable ride!  My favorite part is that they developed the QuieTech EFI technology to create a quieter and much more fuel efficient golf cart! It’s absolutely incredible that the gas cart is just about as quiet as the electric models! You’re thinking there’s no way that’s even possible, but I’m telling you, they’ve made it possible! This newest developed technology contains the lowest decibel output of any gas car in the entire industry! The gas models provide 45 MPG ranging about 261 miles between fill ups. It is nearly 13% better than competitors which is pretty dang impressive if you ask me!  If you get the opportunity to drive one of these you’ll be astonished with how smooth the acceleration is for a gas car. If you don’t believe me, head to your local dealer and give one a test drive! 

The electric version of the Drive-2 Yamaha golf cart has the same sleek and functional design as the gas model but once again setting themselves apart on performance using only the best!  They are the only golf car manufacturer that uses the industry leading Trojan T-875 battery as their standard and is literally whisper quiet and lasts for nearly 60 holes of golf! That’s incredible! The days of having to charge your golf cart daily  and being worried you’ll run out of charge and be pushing your cart home are long gone! The new 48v carts have a TON of power and will blow your mind climbing hills better than most gas cart competitors! 

What’s the Price Tag? 

So, you’ve been reading through this absorbing all the information from style and performance and how Yamaha golf carts are setting some pretty high industry standards in all areas and now you’re wondering “what’s it going to cost me?”  thinking that all of these incredible features are going to come with a pretty hefty price tag right? WRONG! Yamaha is once again blowing our minds in this area as well. 

I did some research on a couple of local dealers to bring you some price comparisons from Yamaha golf carts biggest competitors. 

The EZ-Go 2020 Electric RXV comes with at least a $13,000 price tag and the gas model showing around $10,000. The and Club Cars 2020 electric Onward model comes with at least a $10,000 price tag while the gas model seems to be around $11,000. 

So how does the Yamaha golf car compare? They have a rather impressive price tag coming in at a base price of only  $8,750 from a local dealer! That’s thousands under the competition! I don’t know how they do it but they’ve managed to give their consumers such amazing design and performance with such an affordable price but they’ve done it and we are beyond impressed!!